Educational Tour

Educational Tour

A basic principle of the Project is to enable kids to relate textbook learning with everyday life.

Study tours and outings are arranged regularly which enables them to make these

Connections. Apart from the educational inputs, outings bring a sense of adventure and fun Into learnings. This makes educational tours an integral part of Project. One Educational tour is organized every six months.

In this project ,our focus is to ensure all dimensional development of under privileged children. These children are already in a hand to mouth situation at home. Hence their families are not capable of arranging such tours for them.

As it's well said “I hear & I forget, I saw & I remember ".

With the same motto, We decided to take our little learners to special educational tours to make their learning last forever.

We conducted the First trip in Aug. 2014. since then, in these trips we take kids to different Fairs, museum & planetariums etc. twice a year

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