Remedial Education

Remedial Education

Children’s Tutorial Centre: Our Young Urns receive academic support after. In these classes basic concepts of Mathematics, Science and other subjects are taught, to bridge the gaps in learning and enable children to attain grade-specific competency levels.

We also provides bridge courses to those children who have suffered breaks in their formal education. e-program provides intensive coaching to such children, aiming to help them rejoin formal schooling in a class relevant to their ages groups.

We take care of their educational requirements, providing not only academic support that enables them to dene success of their schooling experience but also material support. is includes uniforms, books, school bags, shoes, socks and other stationary requirements etc. to enable the girl child to go to school with dignity. e-material kit is ceremoniously handed over to each child at the beginning of the academic year. e-program selects children based on multiple criteria, viz low family income, guardians educational background, social background and the child's aptitude.

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