Project Corner Stone

Project Corner Stone

Childhood are the days filled with fun, joy and laughter. We believe childhood are the most important years of learning for children to have a strong start in life. Preschool provides a solid foundation for a successful future in school, but till today so many children are still dreaming to go in schools. The students whose parents are educated and connected well to the information networks and trends in the education are supporting their kids well. But same cannot be said about uneducated parents who are engaged in labor works. The students from the slum & rural areas struggle for desire social infrastructure in the form of better schooling ,conducive educational atmosphere, motivation and aspiration .Under such prevailing situation, the fate of the students are mostly predefined which compels them to advance in low paid jobs.

A unique balwadi was started in 2013.the balwadis provide pre-school education to children in the age group of 3-7 years .these are run in urban areas for children from low income families who do not have access to an anganwadi center run by the government or any other pre-school facility run by the private sector including other NGOs.


  • To provide preschool education, by providing individualized and specialized care, facilitates the stimulation and development of special needs children , with the objective of making each child as self reliant, competent and communicative
  • To motivate the students for the education and increasing the literacy level.
  • Once basic education is achieved, we help them to get admission in the municipal schools
  • Various extracurricular activities are conducted in this school like drawing craft, flower making etc.

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