Age: 11
Sex: Female
Address: Baghpat (Utter Pradesh)

Patient’s Details:- The case of 11 years old girl Ms.VISHAYA, has been diagnosed to have Blood Cancer  is being treated in AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi has been received by the South Delhi where a programmed on dreadful diseases was conducted by our NGO. Ms. VISHAYA is the only girl of Mr. Sanjay from Bhagpat (Utter Pradesh) district. In her family there are 06 members including her. Her parent’s income is very less so they find it very difficult to bear the cost of this treatment hence approached us for the monetary support for the same. Considering their case as genuine, we have extended financial help to her to begin with the treatment as the same.She requires Injection, Medicines & Surgery (If required) and has indicated that the amount required for her  treatment is very high, as the patient is repeatedly undergoing Chemotherapy, Medicines & Surgery (If required) and may have to be operated upon also in future and total expense 2.5 LAKH. The duration of treatment is approximately 1-2 year. The present cost of the medicines, food and other expenses is also high.We look forward to kind donors like you to help this girl who if not helped will certainly reach the end of her life very soon. 

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