Name: Vishal
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Address: Loni Dehat, (Ghaziabad)

Patient’s Details :- 13 year old Vishal has been diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma and is currently 

receiving treatment at Aims, Delhi under the care of Dr. Sameer Bakshi. He is currently undergoing from chemotherapy injections.
His father works as a Labour and earns Rs. 1,20,000 annually, which is not enough to sustain the heavy strain of prolonged cancer treatment as there is 4 member in his family. When arranging bread and butter is a daily struggle, thinking of medical treatment is a far off notion.
After knowing Vishal family condition and his grave illness CIWT came forward and took up the initiative to provide him medical aid to him so that this boy can stand on his feet. Rather, through this, a whole of deprived family is saved.

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