Aarti was on the verge of dropping out of school due to poor grades and lack of parental support when she was noticed by Our team Aarti was good in Hindi, Spelling words in English is challenging work for her .

She faced difficulty in math’s sums. She could not practice at home because there was no time. Her mother works so as the eldest child, she had to perform household chores. Her parents were illiterate and therefore didn’t understand how important education is, especially for a girl, to empower her to live a decent life. Having seen thousands of lives ruined this way, Our social workers knew If Aarti did not complete her education, she would never be able to extricate herself from the life of poverty she was born into. And as a girl, if she did not stand on her own feet, she was at higher risk than a boy of being exploited and maltreated. Aarti was made to drop out of school by her parents. But this young girl fought to achieve what was rightfully hers. Mother keeps very unwell, leaving her husband alone to win bread for the family.

Aarti father works in a medical shop, earning only Rs 3500/-per month.it was then that Care India welfare trust contacted Aarti as a part of their program and stepped in and assured the Family to provide all the possible financial support for her education also Help her bloom including education and vocation skill support. Aarti received additional coaching after school to help her with subjects she was weak in i.e. Math’s and English. She participated in extra-curricular like singing and dancing so she could learn that "learning is fun!"

Her parents also attended our Parents' Workshop and Parent-Teacher meetings where they learnt how important it was for them to support Rani's studies at home so she can graduate and make something of herself.

Today, Aarti is not only not in danger of dropping out but is among the toppers in her class. Her scorecard at school reflects her increased abilities. She is doing very well in Math’s and English now. Aarti is a hardworking girl. It turns out all she needed was a little extra help in understanding class subjects she had not understood and the teachers in her

school had no time to explain to her. he enthusiastically participates in everything now. She completes her homework punctually, and asks the tutors her queries and problems.

Aarti is very happy. She knows now that she will graduate and be able to make something of herself. She will one day break the cycle of generational poverty in her family both for herself and for her parents.

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