Widows Assistance

Widows Assistance

Along with our efforts to change culture and attitude, CARE INDIA WELFARE TRUST seeks to empower individual widows to become economically self-sufficient, setting them up with equipment, support, skills training, and advice. we have helped over 200 impoverished widows

For instance, According to the 1991 Government census, India has the largest number of widows in the world, numbering 33 million.

In India, widows are often viewed as the cursed and inauspicious. They are stigmatized, abused, and driven out of their homes

CARE INDIA WELFARE TRUST latest empowerment programme aims to provide vocational training in tailoring to more than 500 widows in Delhi & NCR region over the course of two months. At the end of the training, we will provide each beneficiary with a foot-operated Singer sewing machine, which will allow them to start their own business or work in a factory to earn money, and thus become self-reliant. This socio-economic project will not only help , but will also support 50,000 children and their family members.

Often illiterate, the widows themselves are unable to access justice systems. Their lives are determined by discriminatory interpretations of customs and religions. They are consistently denied inheritance and land rights. Begging, or near slavery in domestic, agricultural and sex work are an inherent part of their condition.

Widows, instead of being seen as passive victims of gender-based violence, should be recognized for their vital roles as the primary caregivers, key contributors to their family’s economic health, and agents of change in altering the face and fortunes of their families.

CARE INDIA WELFARE TRUST has been advocating and campaigning for widow’s rights for entitlements and dignity.

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