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How We Work

At CARE INDIA WELFARE TRUST our aim is to work towards the development of the society by providing education, medical facilities, and other facilities to all those in need and to provide pecuniary assistance to those unable to fend for themselves due to old age, disease or any physical or mental handicap by supporting them through grassroots initiatives, also we have spread our care towards the elderly section of our society along with those Suffering from Chronic diseases, not only by reimbursing their medical bills but to provide complete assistance to cancer patients beyond that given by the medical profession, that is, taking a holistic approach, not attacking the malignancy in isolation We also aim to empower women and girls from marginalized communities ,we provided them with market oriented vocational training of sewing which is relevant to their needs and provides them value added skills to help them earn additional income for their families We are committed to come up as an organization providing assistance and support to large number of people, to reach weaker areas of the society and to reckon with at National Level.

Our Work
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The object of education is not merely to enable the children of our country

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As we all know our country India is one of the youngest country in the world.

Old Age & Windows

In a country of rapidly increasing elder population and subsequent growing concerns to ensure that their later years are lived with economic & social security and dignity

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We all know the popular saying "Health is Wealth".

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Women Empowerment

Women in India have always faced discrimination in many spheres of their lives, health.

  • Impacting

    95 Thousand Children
  • Treated

    1.80 Lakh Patents
  • Empowered

    95 Thousand Women
  • Empowered

    1.25 Lakh Through Job Oriented Courses

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