Anvi Chauhan

Name: Anvi Chauhan
Age: 03
Sex: Female
Address: Shamli, (Uttar Pradesh)

 Patient’s Details :- 3yr old Baby Anvi from U.P was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic  Leukemia in Jan 2020.

10 month ago, Baby Anvi started getting regular fever and body pain. Even after taking medicines continuously it was not reducing. Her parents had to hospitalize her and doctors did all the necessary tests and confirmed that it is Blood Cancer. Her parent’s world came tumbling down and immediately they took all the courage and started doing all the possible things to save her daughter. And the gloomiest part of this entire situation is that she is just 3 years and the trauma and pain she has to go through is really disheartening. They already sold the small piece of land that they have to bear the expense for the treatment but the total expense for her treatment is around Rs 4, 00,000. Her father was working as a Driver in a school in his village where his monthly income was Rs 5000 per month but recently lost his job as well because of Anvi's treatment as Doctor referred her to AIIMS, Delhi. They have been through extremely torrential days. The amount required for the entire treatment is quite substantial and they have already exhausted most of their savings. That was the time when CIWT discovered his case and took full responsibility of Baby Anvi's treatment.
We request you to kindly contribute towards Anvi's treatment and help them out in this time of need. Every single contribution is important as "Many a little makes a mickle".

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